Conditioning Principles, Part II

by Stephen LaBounty (2007-10-21)
Sit up guy

Now that you have the "base" of conditioning, let's now get to a few techniques of warming the specific heavy-use areas for martial artists. These are merely simple stretching and warming drills that will cover stand up and ground training. They are not pre-competition drills, but preparation for static and sterile workouts to ingrain spontaneity in technique application and body endurance.

Side straddle hops - Feet together, hands by side. Legs jump to open position, hand/arms circle upward and touch above head. Reverse to beginning position.

Trunk stretch - Feet together, hands by side. Inhale, push hands toward ceiling, locking elbows. Bend backward and reach for the wall behind you, hold.

Shoulder Circles - forward/back, changing the angle of the hand (palm up, palm down) as you do both directionl

Side bends - basic. Hands on hips, feet apart, legs locked.

Side bends - advanced. Feet together, arms outstretched. As you lean to one side or another, reach over the head with the opposite arm and attempt to touch an imaginary, or real wall to that side. Repeat to other side.

Trunk Circles - Feet apart, hands by side. Begin making large circles with the upper body by leaning to floor and in circluar motion reach for ceiling continuing to opposite side and ending hands on floor.

Glute/Lower back stretch, Supine position - Lying on back, choose one side or another and lie completely on it (Do not begin on back). Bend the "upper" leg and place the knee on the floor to the front of the body. The foot of this leg should be in the bend of the "down" knee. Place the "up" hand behind the neck. Hold your knee to the ground lean to the flat of your back and stretch the back. To get a glute stretch, pull the bent knee to the chest while stretching. Repeat to other side.

Seated Ham String stretch - Sitting, legs flat in front of you, ankles touching. Inhale, and as you exhale reach with both hands to the bottom of your feet. Hold this posture for approximately 10 seconds,then repeat attempting to get more stretch as the muscles loosen.