Cardio and Cancer

by Stephen LaBounty (2007-10-21)

From the "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise," Volume 34, 2002, comes information relevant to all martial artists concerning Cardio Respiratory fitness and Cancer mortality in men.

A study investigated the association of cardio respiratory fitness in smoking-related, non-smoking related, and total cancer mortality in 25,892 men (ages 30 - 87). These men had a preventive medical evaluation, which included a maximal exercise test and self-reported health habits.

The results were 335 cancer deaths (133 from smoking-related cancer, 202 from non-smoking related cancer) during an average of a 10-year follow-up. The results showed an opposite association between cardio respiratory fitness levels and smoking-related, non-smoking-related cancer mortality.

Moderate and high levels of cardio respiratory fitness were associated with lower risk of smoking-related and non-smoking related cancer mortality when compared with low fitness in men. Smoking-related mortality rates were progressively lower across low, moderate and high fitness groups in former and current smokers. The researchers concluded that cardio respiratory fitness may provide protection against cancer mortality in men.

Yet again science has shown that following common sense nutritional habits, ceasing smoking, and most of all, participating in an active cardiovascular exercise regimen, will help protect us from the plague of the 20th century.