by Dr. Craig Roberts (2007-10-26)

From Dr. Craig Roberts health letter:

Vitamins No Substitute for Food

"Millions (billions) are spent per year in the U.S. on vitamin-mineral supplements. In the past decade there has been a great deal of research on the effect of supplements on risk for cardiovascular disease. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published an excellent paper this month dispelling the common myth that vitamin and mineral supplements are good for you:

Neither B-carotene nor vitamin E proved effective in large-scale, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials; in fact, high doses of vitamin E may increase all-cause mortality. Also, randomized controlled trials of vitamins A, C, and E and of folate have failed to show a consistent or significant effect of any single vitamin or combination of vitamins on the incidence of or death from cardiovascular disease. A recent report that summarizes results from large-scale trials states that vitamins B-12 and B-6 and folic acid may not reduce the number of cardiovascular events. In addition, the risk of recurrent cardiovascular disease was not lowered by the use of such supplements after acute myocardial infarction; a harmful effect was even suggested.

"In fact, over 90% of the vitamins on the market are produced by drug companies, then bought by vitamin companies! Nowhere in nature do we see the types of nutrients sold in vitamin bottles. Pills are not substitute for organic, whole foods--these foods deliver nutrient to your body the way nature intended. The only supplements I recommend are 100% food-based organic supplements.

"Please read my article on dairy and eggs, and my article on antioxidants (both can be found on the articles page) for more information.

"Read the paper."