Where the Art resides

by Stephen LaBounty (2010-01-26)
I was asked to explain why I wander from the base curriculum during my seminars no matter the rank. So, I decided that since I'm finally updating The Sigung web page, I would explain, briefly, my reasoning. Firstly, most presenters do wander into the "what ifs" during their presentation. Its important for the participants to grasp the reality that we are rehearsing for an explosive and critical event, unlike one that we never thought would actually happen.

Secondly,i t is incumbent on every teacher to make aware that the participant has developed or is developing skills to recover from something that will happen within mini-seconds, and he/she must react according to the opponents action. Remember, it is not a surprise to the attacker, only to you. Therefore, hard training and a person of rank or stature who is teaching must reinforce or posit this method of thinking

One quote I use often is "Theory informs, hard training convinces". True to be sure and well worth the meditation on such a phrase. All teachers have their thoughts on these sorts of questions, usually by facing such issues either personally and in real time, or through their own mental analysis of the "what if" phase. Each of us who do teach believe that the art lives in certain methods of the art, that seen and that only imagined.p For me, the art resides in the gaps and pauses of one's technique, that is most exciting, for without it, the art becomes a performance...