The Title of Master

by Dr. T.R. Crimi, Ph.D., O.M.D. (2007-09-28)


What would prompt a teacher to bestow upon their student the responsibility and title of master? The unequivocal fact that this student has obtained such profound insight as to be mistaken for true enlightenment? Thus, having an infinite control of themselves and the universe which surrounds them?

Indeed, what teacher would claim to have the wisdom or the authority to say what the criteria for self mastery actually is. In a perfect universe being somewhat less than perfect beings, a master would be that individual which continues to strive towards perfection of self. Remaining steadfast in their goals and beliefs spurred on and enhanced by a sincere compassion for all life in all times, and all quadrants of the universe.

The title of master carries with it one of the heaviest burdens of life, the burden of responsibility for self as well as for others. Self mastery is a life of discipline and dedication. The path of a warrior never deviating, one has to become not just a part of nature but a force of nature acting in accordance with the laws of the universe. (Getsumi No Michi)

At this juncture the title of master becomes the incentive which drives one towards self mastery, not the reward of simply becoming!